Wholesale customers

-Delivery is 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
-We will deliver 7 days a week in inconvenience our customer is running low.
-Out Products are locally made under USDA Inspection.
-USDA inspector 5 Days a week
-We Specialize in Ground Beef & Sausage

Just Ask Any of out Customers Such as
-Clyd Iron
-St.Lukes Hospital
-Grandmas Sports Garden
-Little Angies Cantina
-Fon du Lac
-Burrito Union
-lee’s Pizza
-Hugo’s Pizza
-Texas Road House
-Carmadies Irish pub
-Brue House
-Airel View
-Ridge View Country Club
-Owls Club
-Enger Golf Club
-Grandmas in Virginia
-Grandmas Downtown
-Grandmas by Miller Mill Mall
We custom smoke for many other meat markets as well.

Snack Sticks and Jerky are available in 5 states